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Salud by Titanium Solutions

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Key Features for Dental Education

Supervisor Authorisation

Controls throughout Salud ensure completeness and accuracy of data, such as mandatory fields and authorisation of student entries.
Role-based user profiles ensure users only see or edit what they should.

Clinical Workflow Management

Functionality that allows your dental school to create structured clinical workflows to support teaching while still allowing flexibility for postgraduates and faculty. Workflows can ensure that key decisions are made and recorded.

Patient Assignment

Match patient treatment needs to Student course requirements. Provide visibility of student workloads and clinical experience to course supervisors and administrative staff, ensuring all students meet course requirements.

Reduce No Shows

Your patients receive automated SMS and email reminders in advance of their appointment. When cancellations do happen, fill those slots quickly and accurately with a short notice patient list.

real-time dashboards

Quickly make Data Driven Decisions

Make informed decisions confidently with real time data at your finger tips, and in an easy to review format. Your KPIs and research projects tracked in real-time, saving considerable time.

Focus on the Patient

Review and update important information quickly and accurately with our user centered, easy to use design. Salud’s intuitive and comprehensive functionality, allows the focus to be on the patient.

easy to use system

A Comprehensive Software that creates a seamless experience for you and your patients.

Market leading provider
Customers on 5 continents
Over 27 years of experience

Why customers choose Salud

Salud is a leading dental management solution specifically designed for the unique teaching and treatment environment found in dental schools.

No two dental schools are the same, and so neither should their dental software.
Salud is a highly flexible solution, allowing each dental school to tailor it to their specific workflows.

Salud provides intuitive charting and treatment planning, seamless integrations with other technologies, comprehensive dental management functionality and key education features to provide a totally digital workflow.

The Salud team are highly experienced and committed to helping dental care providers realise their full potential with our specialised solution.

“It is easy to navigate and you can quickly see the important clinical details that is so important to ensure good patient care.”
Dr. Alastair Speirs

Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Leeds Dental Institute

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