Did you floss today?

The importance of dental floss

Many people believe that just brushing their teeth after each meal is enough to keep their oral hygiene. What most people don’t know is the floss is not an accessory, but an indispensable item for complete tooth cleaning.

Dental floss, as well as your toothbrush, should be part of your daily oral cleaning routine to help eliminatee the dirt that accumulates during the course of our day.
The thread passed between the tooth and the gum eliminates the accumulation of plaque, especially those that cause caries and gingivitis.

Your regular toothbrush is essential to clean the surface of the teeth but is not enough to ensure cleanliness between them.  Dental floss helps to clean between teeth, removing the remains of food that gets stuck and left behind.

Flossing is essential to prevent gingivitis and other diseases. The leftover food that accumulates in the gum below the visible part of the tooth becomes food for various bacteria which end up causing inflammation that can compromise your oral health.

In addition to preventing disease, flossing helps maintain better mouth aesthetics. By cleaning thoroughly, removing bacteria and food debris, floss helps preserve tooth enamel, making it stronger and resistant.

How to floss correctly?

  • You will need about 40 cm of string
  • Wrap the string around each middle finger
  • Holding the thread between your thumb and forefinger, slide it with a movement from top to bottom, covering the entire the region between the gum and the teeth
  • Slide carefully, to avoid damaging the gum, which is already a fragile tissue
  • For each tooth to be cleaned it is necessary to use a new part of the dental floss

    When removing dental floss from your teeth, always remember to move backwards.

Are you ready to floss?

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