A Specialised Dental School Software Solution

The needs of a dental school are unique and sometimes complex. To truly optimise student learning, while consistently managing excellence in patient care, a specialised dental school software solution is necessary.  

Let’s explore some of the features that make Salud the best solution for dental schools. 

Salud is highly flexible, allowing each dental school to tailor it to their specific workflows and teaching philosophy.  

The education module in Salud offers several features that make faculty’s work easier by allowing them to monitor, manage and grade students seamlessly within one system.  

With many moving parts within the operations of a dental school, it’s important that many of the yearly processes are automated and/or managed digitally.  

Patient Assignment

SALUD‘s patient assignment feature enables faculty members to manage patient demographics, treatment needs, and related details of a large master index.

This index allows the matching of patient needs with the clinical experience requirements of students, making it easier to assign patients to students who request them. This feature ensures that assigned patients are managed, and patients have their needs effectively met while allowing students to develop their clinical skills. 

Managing the End of Year 

As students move through their studies and their skill levels change, their pool of patients needs to change regularly to meet their course requirements. 

The End of Year feature provides a method of processing students at the end of an academic year. This feature was designed to make sure that assigned patients are managed after their student has moved on.  

The End of Year feature ensures that a patient’s treatment is not affected by students who have already finished their course, and it seamlessly transfers the patients’ details and recalls information to a different student.  Additionally, the supervisors can use this feature to update students’ academic levels or adjust their enrolment status.

By using the End of Year feature, academic institutions can ensure that all patients are attended to, and no treatment is left incomplete.
This feature also helps manage student workloads, prevents burnout and ensures that students can focus on their academic success. 

The End of Year feature can also help dental schools to monitor student progress and performance. This information can be used to identify areas where students may require additional support or to recognise areas where students excel, allowing faculty members to focus on improving targeted skills.

Furthermore, the EOY feature makes it much easier to coordinate patient care, regardless of whether a student has completed their coursework or not. 

In summary, the End of Year feature is an essential tool for academic institutions using SALUD as it provides a way to manage patient assignments and student transfers seamlessly.

It also gives supervisors greater control over student progress and performance, allowing them to support students where required, and ensure optimal patient care.  

Flexible Grading

With integrated grading in Salud, faculty members can easily view and assess student work through a centralised system without having to duplicate patient and treatment information. This streamlined process saves time and reduces the risk of errors.  

Moreover, the grading feature is adaptable to different teaching environments, allowing faculty members to set up scoring systems and grading criteria that align with their specific course requirements. This flexibility ensures that students are assessed fairly and consistently. With the ability to review student work and leave comments within the system, faculty members can provide timely and specific feedback to students. This can be essential in improving student performance and engagement. 

The grading feature in Salud provides a comprehensive and flexible grading system that saves time while ensuring fairness and consistency in student assessment. By using this functionality, faculty members can optimise their grading processes, providing students with the necessary feedback and support to succeed in their academic pursuits. 

 Student Logbook

Salud captures a comprehensive log of all work completed by each user, creating a centralised view of student performance to date, including treatment and appointment history, clinical skills and grading. Statistics can be provided about a particular student or group of students.  


An e-portfolio also forms part of the educational module and essentially assembles a summary of work completed for each student. The E-Portfolios are highly configurable and can be created for a designated period e.g., semester or academic year for a particular student group.  
Select data from all the work logged in the system by the student can automatically populate a summary of treatment carried out, students can complete patient case studies and reflections, and supervisors can log feedback directly into Salud.

This provides a comprehensive overview of each student’s progress, enabling faculty members to keep a close eye on their performance, identify areas for development and offer support where required. 

The e-portfolio also helps students reflect on their progress and accomplishments over an academic year, encouraging them to critically appraise their work, identify areas of strength and weakness, and set future study goals.

It’s an excellent tool for students to demonstrate their competence, professionalism and growth to potential employers, and gain a competitive advantage in today’s job market. 

Moreover, where a user is not a student, this functionality within the student logbook and the e-portfolio can be utilised as a professional portfolio where elements such as grading are not activated.

This can help healthcare professionals keep track of their personal and professional development, demonstrate their expertise and achievements, and showcase their work to colleagues, patients, and prospective employers. 

The e-portfolio is an effective and versatile educational tool supporting learning, assessment, and professional development. It helps students take ownership of their learning, improves transparency and accountability, and promotes lifelong learning.

By incorporating the e-portfolio into Salud’s educational module, educators and students can benefit from a comprehensive, integrated and user-friendly solution that meets their academic and professional needs.  


Salud has comprehensive reporting capability that can also be used to report/record performance

The reporting module in Salud is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, with an intuitive interface that allows faculty members to view and analyse data quickly.

Reports are generated in real-time and can be downloaded or shared via email as needed.  

The education module helps faculty to monitor and manage student work more effectively.

The education module in Salud was designed to provide the necessary tools to manage oral healthcare education effectively. Its integrated grading, logbook, and centralized view of student performance to date make it easier for faculty members to monitor, manage and grade students’ progress. SALUD’s education module is an excellent resource for healthcare institutions looking to streamline their academic management processes. 

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