The unexpected passing of our Chairman David Phillips

The unexpected passing of our Chairman David Phillips

It is with profound sadness that we announce the unexpected passing of our Chairman David Phillips following a short illness.

David joined Two-Ten Health in the early 2000s and became deeply involved in the development of Salud. As Chairman, he led the Board in embarking on an exciting vision for healthcare software.

Bringing a wealth of knowledge, a true passion for dentistry, and a wonderful sense of humour, he was an invaluable member of the team.

We are incredibly grateful for his tremendous dedication and contribution to the company’s development.

Over his lifetime he was truly generous with both his support and time to many people and an excellent and loyal friend.

About David:

David Phillips worked in general dental practice for 16 years, heading an extensive group practice in Cardiff, Wales. He joined the Medical Protection Society in 1981, becoming head of its Dental Division, and then-Secretary and Dental Director of its new dental division Dental Protection, from which he retired in 1999.

David lectured internationally on healthcare risk management. He was a specialist adviser to the House of Commons Health Select Committee and a medico-legal adviser to the World Health Organisation. He was also a lay member of the General Osteopathic Council.

He was Chairman of Denplan, the UK’s largest provider of dental payment plans, and Chairman of Howden Medical and Dental Insurance providing indemnity insurance for medical and dental practitioners.

David was an elected member of the General Dental Council (GDC) in the UK and Chairman of the ‘Fitness to Practice Policy’ within the GDC.

He was a former Chairman of the Wellhouse NHS Trust (1995-2000), and former non-executive director (1997-2000) and Chairman (2000-2002) of Dencare Ltd. After Dencare was taken over by Oasis PLC in 2003 David became Chairman of Oasis Dental Care Ltd.

In 1994 he was awarded an OBE for his services to dentistry.

The contributions he made to Salud cannot be measured, and his impact will be felt forever.

On behalf of our management team and employees, we extend our deepest condolences to his family.

Starting dental school during a pandemic; A Student overview

Starting dental school during a pandemic; A Student overview

In the UK, dental schools have been forced to incorporate online teaching into their course.

Whilst this has been difficult for both the programme coordinators and students, it also has its positives.

Due to the ever-changing nature of this pandemic, we are forced to stay adaptable as the timetables are constantly changing.

Lectures are mostly pre-recorded which means students are free to study on their own schedule.

Tutorials are live and after overcoming technical difficulties, they mimic the same face-to-face teaching obtained on campus. Clinics are still on campus but with strict protocols.

Moving to online teaching will most likely lead to a more online-focussed course in the future.

It’s become apparent that face-to-face lectures are not as effective and a waste of resources.

However, more focus should be put on in-person tutorials to cover material effectively as pre-recorded lectures do not present the option to ask questions and provide an all-rounded learning experience.

Clinical exposure is vital as a dental student.

Students in the older years have had to catch up on clinical practise due to its cessation earlier in the year. Because of the setup of most dental teaching clinics, the spread of aerosols is more likely.

A positive outcome has been that there is much more focus on infection control in universities and also practices. 

In general, first-year students have had a difficult time integrating into university.

Students living on campus have been faced with the difficulty of isolation in a vital time of their university life.

 Living away from home for the first time and having to isolate can have a huge impact on their mental wellbeing. As a biomedicine graduate living at home, it has its own challenges.

However, dental schools are making a conscious effort to provide support.

There has been a huge development in the way dental schools operate. The decision to move online has been monumental and the potential of academic development in the future is vast.

Dana Afshar – Student at King’s college London Faculty of Dentistry

Follow Dana on Instagram : The Toothologist

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Remove the Barriers to Connectivity

Remove the Barriers to Connectivity

Advances in digital dentistry are happening fast.

Dental care providers worldwide are heavily investing in new innovative technologies. Everyone wants to have the latest technology which transforms manual, time-consuming tasks into the touch of a screen.

The expectation is that all this new technology will provide a smarter, easier way of working.

However, if all these new pieces of technology do not talk to each other, is it really smarter, or easier?

patient and dentist

Working smarter, but harder.

Separate pieces of technology and software that do not talk to each other result in dentists having to juggle different systems and pull together data often duplicated, to get a complete picture.

Tasks are duplicated, time is wasted, errors increase, users are frustrated, and inevitably patients suffer.

During an appointment, the focus should be on the patient, not on the machines around them.

dentist  showing to the patient Salud

Working smarter, not harder.

A fully integrated workflow using a connected health solution removes these barriers. It allows the technology to make the dentists’ job easier, fun, and more profitable, while most importantly, improving patient care.

Advances in digital dentistry are happening fast. To avail of the true benefits, you need to have a robust, future proof, and constantly evolving dental management solution at the centre.

Salud is a leading dental management solution.

Salud is an open and flexible product which can be integrated into the existing services using its own API. Salud’s vision is to remove the barriers to connectivity, allowing the technology to provide both better outcomes and profits.

Customers who choose to integrate all systems in use can experience a seamlessly integrated environment with a streamlined workflow.

Duplicate data entry is removed. Time is saved, and errors are reduced.

The focus shifts to the patient, improving patient care and dentist satisfaction.

Last year saw the launch of Salud Dental, the next generation in the Salud portfolio. It offers a web-based feature-rich solution with digital dentistry interoperability capabilities at its core.

“We have invested heavily in the development of a solution that will exceed our client’s expectations. With a user-centered, easy to use interface, we’re setting a new standard for e-health solutions. “ said Áine Hayes, Head of Commercial, Salud.

dental nurse using Salud

Decades of industry experience

The Salud team have decades of industry experience poured into their products.

Salud customers profess that the team’s implementation experience is the best available in the marketplace.

Over the past 25 years, with implementations across 5 continents, Salud has evolved into a connected health solution that connects technology, software, disciplines, people, and facilitates a global community for research and sharing best practice.

“We are constantly evolving and looking to the future. Healthcare worldwide is moving towards “putting the mouth back in the body” in terms of general health, focusing the oral cavity at the centre of overall health. With Salud being a heartbeat dental product within general medical facilities worldwide, we’re a key player in this shift. Central to Salud’s design has always been flexibility, making connectivity possible, and allowing customers to quickly adapt. “ Áine Hayes, Head of Commercial, Salud.

Today Salud is in use in 7 languages, across 12 countries, which further reinforces a positive track record for producing solutions for different world market leaders in oral health care.

Get in touch to find out more about Salud. The team would be delighted to share some knowledge.

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Simplify Insurance Claim Submissions

Simplify Insurance Claim Submissions

Salud takes the hassle out of dental insurance claims.

With just a few actions, you can electronically transmit insurance claims and activate the reimbursement process, saving weeks compared to manual claiming.

E-claims provide a smarter, more efficient, paperless claiming solution that accelerates the healthcare revenue cycle and allows more time focused on the patient.

Why use E-claims in your dental organisation?

Insurance claims can be carried out digitally within Salud, eliminating the overheads that come with handling large quantities of paper forms.

With advanced electronic capabilities at your fingertips, Salud offers your organisation a modern solution that streamlines your processes and enhances organisational efficiency.

Salud validates each claim and identifies irregularities before they are sent. This reduces the number of rejected claims that need to be updated and resubmitted.

Salud e-claim
Simplify the process with Salud, reducing paperwork and time spent administrating insurance claims.

Benefits of Salud E-claims

  • Immediate claim submission
  • Bulk claim submission
  • Paperless claiming
  • Fewer rejected claims
  • Claim status tracking
  • Time savings
  • Cost savings

Salud manages an unlimited number of insurance policies, and partners with clearing houses and health agencies to process your claims in the most efficient manner for all parties. Salud has comprehensive and flexible billing functionally that ensures accuracy.

Curious to see how E-claims and other Salud features work? Request a free demo with us today.

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