Cork University Dental School and Hospital prepares to go live with Salud.

Cork University Dental School and Hospital prepares to go live with Salud.

Cork University Dental School and Hospital are in the process of implementing Salud, and the countdown is on for go-live.   

Throughout each stage of a Salud, (and any enterprise software) implementation, change management is critical. Clear and inclusive communication is the main attribute we encourage during a Salud implementation. 

  • Strong communication and involvement of the right people throughout is necessary. 
  • Communication to the wider audience towards going live. Examples include messages from the Dean or senior management and posters to represent the change. 
  • Communication peer-to-peer ensures there is an open door of inclusivity to create forward thinking.  

Here is an image of a staff lunchroom at CUDSH, where the team have displayed a countdown timer in an effort to ensure everyone is aware of the upcoming change.

This is just one example of wider communication during implementation at CUDSH.  

Salud Implementation & Experience 

We have vast experience in working with customers in the planning and implementation of our Dental Management Solutions.  

Our implementation team has built up invaluable experience ranging across many different sizes and types of Dental Universities in many parts of the world, varying from large Dental Universities to new builds and outreach locations. 

The successful implementation of Salud involves experience and process.  

At a glance, here’s how our process works

1- Business Analysis 

We begin with an objective to fully understand your workflows, your pains and most importantly, your vision. We complete onsite and remote sessions with your key people. 

2- System Configuration 

Our specialists configure Salud to adapt the workflows and incorporate integrations to the other systems in use. You will then test and provide feedback. 

3- Data Migration 

If you wish to take data from another out-going system, our data migration experts will work with you to decide what to bring and ensure a seamless migration. 

4- Training 

Our specialised training team offer various levels of role-based training for all users. We can complete training onsite, online or a combination of both. 

5- Go live 

We offer onsite Salud expert support for the initial days of go-live to ensure a smooth transition and adoption. 

A New Era for the University of Bristol’s new Dental School with Salud.

A New Era for the University of Bristol’s new Dental School with Salud.

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The University of Bristol’s Dental School will move to a new site in central Bristol in 2023 after outgrowing its existing premises at the Dental Hospital where it has been based for many years.

With this move, the school aims to deliver enhancements to the quality of clinical education along with significant improvements to student, staff, and patient experience.

In 2022 the school set out to procure several IT systems to support the clinical practice elements of the school. After a detailed procurement process, the University of Bristol has awarded the Patient Management System contract to Titanium Solutions, with their product Salud.

Salud will manage interactions with patients digitally, including a full record of all interactions with the patient, treatment planning, booking of appointments and clinics, digital access to scans and images, patient letters and other documents associated with the patient or their treatment.

Over 700 users will use the system, which will be deployed via Azure, in a customer specific cloud instance managed by Titanium.

‘’We’re thrilled to be working with the team at University of Bristol on this exciting new chapter for the Dental School. With a world leading product, and our team’s extensive oral health education experience, we’ll deliver a modern and innovative solution to meet the evolving needs of the Dental School. “said Áine Hayes – Global Head of Marketing, Titanium Solutions.

The winning system

Salud is a modern web-based solution designed from inception as an enterprise solution for Dental Schools worldwide.

Extreme flexibility in the software configuration allows customers to effectively adjust their data collection and business processes. This makes it a software that matches customer needs, which is crucial for large Dental Schools with very specialised requirements.

With flexibility at its core, Salud can be deployed On-Premises or on Azure/AWS.

Titanium Solutions are leading the way in this field as they offer customers cloud deployment with a customer specific cloud instance.

Titanium Solutions

The company behind Salud is Titanium Solutions. In 2021, Two-Ten Health (better known by its brand, Salud) and Titanium Solutions merged operations to form a global group under the name Titanium Solutions.

Titanium Solutions specialise in oral health software with products used in 7 languages, spanning 5 continents. The Group has over 27 years’ experience creating and delivering world class products for large dental institutions, with specialised products in 3 market segments:  Dental Schools, Public Health, Defence/Military.

With a mission to empower innovative oral health care. They develop world leading solutions to enable oral health care providers to provide optimised health services to patients worldwide.

Now, with offices in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and a global network of partners and distributors, the company has grown from strength to strength to remain a market leader.