Key Education Features

Salud was designed specifically for the unique teaching and treatment environments found in Dental Schools.

It has key education functionality to help optimise and streamline the learning experience for students. 


Controls throughout Salud ensure completeness and accuracy of data, such as mandatory fields and authorisation of student entries. Identify the treating operator and supervisor for continuity of patient care. Role-based user profiles ensure users only see or edit what they should.


Salud offers highly configurable and comprehensive grading systems including competency-based grading or scale-based assessments. Salud’s Grading solution allows you to build your own grade charts from reusable competencies to tailor the assessment to your grading philosophy.


Salud ePortfolio can be used as a reflective tool that documents the students’ strengths and challenges by providing a snapshot overview of the student’s learning journey.
A valuable resource for developing self-reflective skills.

Academic Management 

Match patient treatment needs to Student course requirements. Provide visibility of student workloads and clinical experience to course supervisors and administrative staff, allowing staff and students to ensure that all students meet course requirements.

Clinical Workflow

Clinical workflow management system allows your Dental School to create structured clinical workflows to support teaching and still allowing flexibility for postgraduates and faculty. Workflows can ensure that key decisions are made and recorded.

Controlled Access

A comprehensive role-based access control framework will enable you to manage application accessibility for an unlimited number of groups through an extensive structure of security items. Users only see or edit what they should.

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