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Salud is a comprehensive Electronic Dental Record (EDR) for all of the specialities within dentistry.

Dental Management Software for Education, Hospitals and Group Practice


Controls throughout Salud such as mandatory fields and authorisation of entries ensure completeness and accuracy of data.

 Real-Time Dashboards

 Bespoke real-time dashboards providing an easy to read visual display of key data. Real-time data at your fingertips.

  Integrated Workflow

 One system across multiple departments and locations, creating an integrated workflow to optimise resources and increase efficiency.

  Easy to Use

 With a modern web-based clinical module, designed just like everyday apps, Salud is an easy adoption by all users.

  Configurable Solution

Salud is in use in multiple languages and is easily modified to cater for more. Can be configured according to your organisation’s needs.

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Salud is a modern web-based dental system, designed just like everyday apps with easy adoption by all users.

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