Is your dental clinic ready for the “new normal”?

Is your dental clinic ready for the “new normal”?

Now more than ever we see the need for reliable systems to adapt to unforeseen events.

With every country experiencing very different stages of the pandemic, the return to normal is further for some than others. And then, what does normal now look like within a dental care setting?

Now more than ever we see the need for reliable systems to adapt to unforeseen events. Salud’s flexibility allows your organisation to quickly adapt to the changing landscape and provides the data required to manage operations into the future. 

Here are just some of the areas where Salud is helping dental care providers worldwide to adapt. 

Covid-19 Diagnosis Codes

As many of our customers are acting as testing sites, Salud is helping to capture emergency use diagnosis codes for Covid-19, and therefore the ability to easily track and report. Salud provides customers with the autonomy to easily alter their configuration as data capture requirements, processes and procedures evolve over time.

Rescheduling Appointments

In the early days of this pandemic, we assisted many customers to cancel appointments in bulk.
Now we’re working with them to get back up and running by rescheduling appointments. 

Informing Patients

Automatic SMS or email reminders can be customised to send safety instructions to patients in advance of attending appointments. 

Screening Questionnaires

Many customers have created screening questionnaires in Salud to help assess potential Covid-19 symptoms in patients with booked appointments. Customers are able to edit and create questionnaires and make changes to configuration themselves – for free.

Track and Report

Salud’s reporting capability can provide real-time tracking of diagnosis and accurate monitoring of key data. With 150+ inbuilt reports, a custom report builder, and real-time Dashboards, any data captured can be monitored in the preferred format for viewing.

Sterilisation Tracking

Salud’s Sterilisation module is tracking the instruments used during each appointment. Simply scan the barcodes directly to the patient file. 

Data Analysis

The data captured can be used to analyse trends, and conduct comparisons for epidemiological studies.  The strength of Salud’s reporting and data drill-down capability means that all data captured can be easily extracted in the preferred format for viewing.

We continue to be here to support our customers – and we’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise wherever it may be useful. If your dental organisation needs any help or advice on adapting to the new normal, please get in touch. 

Thank you to everyone providing essential services throughout this difficult time. In particular, Salud users on the front line. Your commitment and discipline is critical at this time to maintain essential services. 

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